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Breath of Freedom


Our mission is to inspire and empower you to become more authentically you! We combine mindfulness, movement, nutrition, community, and travel allowing individuals to take an active part in their own transformation. Our whole-istic approach to allows you to truly become you! We believe in trusting gut instincts, setting rockstar goals and crushing them! So that you emerge power-full in body, mind, and spirit. Your inner light is going to shine so bright others are going to need to grab some shades!

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“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.”

— Brené Brown

Learn, Grow, & Play with Us!

A great sense of freedom will wash over you as you stand in your power. You will be encouraged and supported by like-minded women, in your commitment and care to your own authenticity and awareness.
Dive into classes, workshops, and travel adventures focused on mindfulness, movement, nutrition, community and connection that help you feel confident and empowered!


Are you ready to be more you?
Strong in body and mind? 
Peaceful, calm, confident, blissed out, joy-filled, loving, and courageous? Are you interested in Yoga? Nutrition? Dance? Movement? Meditation? Mindfulness? Journalizing?
Jump in, try on something new, or return to a practice you love. 
We offer classes that help you discover you in relaxing and pleasurable ways!

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Looking for all the good stuff classes have to offer and more? More time for transformation, defining your purpose, and fueling your passion?
Workshops allow you the space to sink into ideas and concepts. You'll have time to connect and explore yourself and receive positive feedback from others. The tools you gain will help you find personal freedom and courage to create the life you deserve.

Special Events ~ Gatherings

Finding you is all about celebrating life. It's about connecting with others who desire to live authentic lives, know their purpose and share their passions to set this world on fire with their own super vibrant light. These are your people and there is nothing like the magic that happens when you gather together with others just for fun or to share new business ideas, cultural experiences, laughter, joy, and friendship. Breath of Freedom is a community that grows and plays together.

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"Thank you Breath of Freedom community for helping me find balance, while offering guidance and encouragement. This safe place to share my thoughts, feelings, and ideas has helped me find self awareness and allowed me to find much success in my biz and personal life."

Lisa P.

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