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The Men We Meet ~ 15 Key Lessons Learned in Love

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

“I was born knowing the simple truth that people matter—which naturally means I matter—but somewhere along the way I lost this knowledge, and with it myself. Thanks to my misadventures with men, I rediscovered the refreshing freedom of being me.”

Part autobiography and partinspirational self-help book, The Men We Meet, is a deeply personal account of the enlightenment and growth I have achieved through my relationships with the men in my life—family, friends, partners, and lovers.

Written with the intimacy and honesty of a personal journal, I recount 15 life lessons learned from the men who have offended and amused, defeated and delighted, disappointed and empowered me.

By sharing my experiences and lessons I hope to inspire others—particularly women—to reflect on their own relationships, take personal responsibility for their actions and decisions, and become empowered to create a life filled with love and positive relationships.

Recall your own stories as you read mine and discover how you can reach for your own truth, gratitude and love.

Lisa Schoenthal

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